About Me

Dan Watson portrait

Hi, I'm Dan. Thank you for visiting my site! For the last several months, I have been enrolled at the Nashville Software School in their full-time front end development and UI/UX design bootcamp. Prior to that I owned my own business as a photographer and designer. and have also worked full-time as a teacher.

I received my Master of Fine Arts degree in photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design and my Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art and Communications from Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Working in all of these facets of the creative process has informed how I approach web development. It is very much a creative process, but one that does not begin with coding. It begins with the user and figuring out what their needs are. I enjoy putting myself in the shoes of the user and figuring out the best way to achieve their objectives and do it in a pleasing and meaningful way. We are in the business of helping people and solving problems. I am excited about the challenge of taking those intentions and building a coding plan to make it happen, and then execute that plan with semantic and modular code. . I have fun working with a team and bouncing ideas off each other. I love solving problems. Especially difficult ones. Most importantly, I love learning and want to continue learning everything I can about about development and design.